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Testing & Commissioning

Petronas Flooring LWG2 - China
275/33kV Mapai 132/33/11kV Samajaya SS - Malaysia
126 MW Hera & 144 MW Betano Diesel PP, East Timor
Power plant, Ship building, Processing units & Sub-stations at China, Malta, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Srilanka, Malaysia, Cambodia etc.
400/220kV Isinya S/stn. at Kenya - KETRACO, NCC
132kV Rupsa S/stn. Bangladesh - ABB-Orion -PGCB
PLCC commissioning Afghan - Irdia Friendship Dam at Afghanistan - BHEL
Testing & Commissioning, 225kV Mali S/stn. - Angelique International Limited
GS E & C Refinery at Egypt
66/22kV Mount Coffee SS, Bush Rod SS & Paynesville SS at Liberia - LEC
33/11kV Sokoine GIS at Dar-Es-Salam - TANESCO
SCDA3 90MW PV Plant MCR Substation at South Africa - ABLON
225/16.5kV - DJIBI S/S & 90/16.5 kV SS Anoumabo, Abidjan at IVORY COAST - CI ENERGIESCOTE D'IVOIRE
225kV S/stn. at Mali
SDH & SWT300 Protection coupler commissioning at 63/20kV Al-Bawadi Mall S/stn. at Djibouti - EdD.
Design, Erection, Supply, Testing & Commissioning of RTU at DESCO Project - Bangadesh
HT/LT, Numerical relay Supervision, Testing & Commissioning of Siemens 50MVA Solar Power plant at Britta, Togo - Jackson
SAS & IED Integration

SAS Commissioning at SEC S/stns - SAUDI ARABIA - GE, Kahramaa S/stns - Qatar - GE
Customer Training

Indonesia - KDL Project - ABB Singapore
East Timor - 126MW Hera & 144MW Betano - ABB Singapore
DESCO Projects - Bangadesh
ZESCO Projects - Zambia
KETRACO Projects - Kenya
Sub-station & Plant Engineering

Fiji - Primary & Secondary engineering of S/stns. PEA - EPC Ltd Australia
RTU Integration

132/33kV Njiro S/S at Arusha - TANESCO
Integrations of SEIL make numerical relays with efacec RTU through IEC 61850 protocols
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