SCADA Adaptation Services

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Monitoring Existing substation by collecting Input , output ,Analog data points from the field Via RTU / Gateway . Establishing Control & monitoring of various main station & substation from the centralised location to improve the quality & stability of the power system. To achieve this Existing old station getting upgraded by installation of RTU, Local monitoring system , DCPS & Battery for the New RTU panels. Interconnecting Field signals with RTU & transmitting the same to Master control center New SCADA system getting online.

  1. Preparation of engineering documents such as SLD, control room Layout, BOM and I/O List, cable schedule and adaptation schedule, as-built drawings in PDF / CAD format.
  2. Panel Erection, Cable laying and Termination for existing sub-station and new sub-stations.
  3. Configuration, Testing and commissioning of RTU and obtaining SAT certificate from customer.