Integration of IED-SCADA-DCS

Integration of IED/SCADA/DCS

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A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisiton System transmits and receives data Input & output ,controls, metering, measuring, safety and monitoring of process devices such as Electrical equipment, Instrumentation devices, telecommunication on industrial applications. Power system elements ranging from pole-mounted switches to entire power plants can be controlled remotely over long distance communication links. IO communication transmission establish using RTU / Gateway. A remote terminal unit is an IED that can be installed in a remote location, and acts as a termination point for field Input & Outputs.

  1. Preparation of engineering documents such as SLD, control room Layout, BOM and I/O List, cable schedule and adaptation schedule, as-built drawings in PDF / CAD format.
  2. Panel Erection, Cable laying and Termination for existing sub-station and new sub-stations.
  3. Configuration, Testing and commissioning of RTU and obtaining SAT certificate from customer.

This kind of extra ordinary work involves much smartness and intelligence. We have peoples specialized in this field having well-trained in protocol communication and knowledge in testing of the following products.

Products C264, M871, S900 & Px20, Px30, Px40 Relays, TM1703, AK1703, RTU-560 series, RTU-211, RTU-232
Software PACIS, Bitronics 70 series, GBD, Sicam 230 (HMI), Tool box, Micro SCADA, RTU-til, MULTI PROG wt
Relay Communication Software Micom S1 Studio, Micom S1, Digsi, PCM 600