Engineering and Documentation Services

Engineering and Documentations

11 years in services

NISSI is Staffed by Engineering Professionals & proved expertise by providing Quality services with Safety measures to the clients


Ensuring our complete support with commitment in rendering best service to you without compromising the quality and time


NISSI’s vision is to be one of the leaders in sub-station automation, augmentation, testing and commissioning. Working closely with our customers and understanding their business needs, we ensure our Customer’s success through our innovative systems, services and complete solutions. Our customer’s success is our victory

Our Services are customized to meet the growing modernization requirements and to enable end user to achieve their systems as per the latest standards. We are focused on engineering towards the quality & cost optimised solutions.

  1. Engineering document comprises of Design calculations & various layouts like Equipment layouts, Cable tray layouts, grounding layouts & Lighting layouts.
  2. Preparation of engineering documents up to 765KV sub-stations.
  3. Load analysis, Fault calculation & Relay setting calculation using Etap software.
  4. EBOP cable schedule for DCS, ECP, MV Switchgear, LV Switchgear and other panels.
  5. Selection of CT-PT sizing, Cable sizing.
  6. Cable schedule, adaptor board, BOM, IO list for SCADA, SLD, layout, schematic drawing for C&R panel.
  7. Preparation and submission of as-built drawings in PDF / CAD format.
  8. Designing for augmentation of grids.
  9. Site survey & support by providing highly skilled dedicated team of engineers.
  10. Digitalising & Producing quality documents from the existing drawings
  11. Site  survey support and solution proposal for the requirement of customer and end client
  12. Preparation of Primary & Secondary Engineering documents of T&D sub-stations upto 765kV, LT sub-stations & Power plants (EBOP).
  13. Engineering document comprises of Design calculations (CT,PT, Power Transformer & Cable SIZING,  Relay setting calculation, Equipment layouts, Cable tray layouts, Earthing layouts, Lighting layouts and Cable schedules
  14. EBOP cable schedule for DCS, ECP, MV & LV Switchgear and other panels
  15. Digitalization of Control and Protection schematics of existing CRP either from the available hard copy of the drawing or by taking the survey of the panel
  16. Design Software Knowledge on E-TAP-PowerStation (Electrical) Load flow, short circuit and power system analysis.
  17. Harmonic analysis and report submission using Power Analyser Design, calculations and analysis for civil & structural Works of Sub-station and Power plant